This is a work in progress, pictures coming at some point!

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8/18/2023 - The floppy drive does not read/seek and the machine has a dead CMOS battery. These old PS/2s require a “reference diskette” to serve as BIOS configurator so the machine presently doesn’t boot. I am waiting on parts to swap in a GoTek, I’ll look into repairing the drive as well once I’m sure the computer is otherwise in working shape.

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I’ve outfitted the machine with a new to me IBM SCSI card part number 84F8015. I haven’t found reference to that part number online anywhere. It came with a 3.5" option diskette that I haven’t found online, I have archived it here.

In order to get away from the ancient spinning drive (which I’m not yet sure works) I’m using a ZuluSCSI in conjunction with the above card to allow a MicroSD to stand in for the hard drive (and other devices). If I had known about it at the time I may have instead chosen this modern MCA SCSI reproduction, the McIDE. Its possible I will revisit the McIDE in the future since the SCSI card while more period accurate is more cumbersome.

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Lots of help on this project has come from, an invaluable source on the IBM PS/2.