Below you will find links to some of my personal projects both interesting and ancient. Unfortunately I am unable to upload most school projects due to plagiarism concerns, if you are an employer looking to see more of my work please email me.

Current Projects

Kenwood TS-850s Restoration

I’m restoring my Kenwood TS-850s, I’ll make periodic posts about it on my Amateur Radio Twitter @N7AJ_

Back Burner Projects

Baseball-Pi - Github

A baseball scoreboard using off the shelf hardware attached to a raspberry pi. Temporarily on hiatus while MLB is closed due to COVID-19. I’d like to pick this back up after the quarantine is over.

Remote Telemetry Station

A multipurpose remote telemetry station running on the Texas Instruments MSP432 microcontroller and CC1101 integrated radio IC. Created initially for CPE329 in 4 weeks it includes a PCB with hand placed surface mount components and complete software. This project is currently on the back burner.

Completed Projects

Solar Irradiance Microforecasting

My senior project. We were provided a 360 degree dome IR camera by the University of New Mexico. This camera could be utilized to take pictures of clouds allowing for data driven near term cloud forecasts for small solar installations to reduce battery wear and operation costs.

My portion of the project consisted of collecting a significant amount of data and writing a Python GUI for future EE and CPE students at Cal Poly to hack and expand. The Python GUI source is available under the MIT license here.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions via my contact details in the website footer.

Tractor Hacking - Website

My Cal Poly CPE350/CPE450 Capstone project to reverse engineer a John Deere Tractor ECU.

Space Race - Website

My C++/OpenGL project for CSC 471. Not exactly the outcome I wanted but getting time crunched by graduation and Senior Project, it didn’t turn out too bad.

Ancient Projects

These projects are archives of extremely old work, kept around for fun and nostalgia only. They are not representative of my present skills, but I like to keep them around.