Projects On HoldLink to this heading

These are projects that I am not currently working on and have no solid plans to work on but I could see myself returning to them in the future.

Remote Telemetry StationLink to this heading

A multipurpose remote telemetry station running on the Texas Instruments MSP432 microcontroller and CC1101 integrated radio IC. Created initially for CPE329 in 4 weeks it includes a PCB with hand placed surface mount components and complete software. This project is currently on the back burner.

Defunct ProjectsLink to this heading

These are projects that are higher quality than my ancient projects but I have no interest in continued maintenance. They exist as an archive and may or may not represent my current skills.

Cal Poly CSC471 “Space Race”Link to this heading

My C++/OpenGL project for CSC 471. Not exactly the outcome I wanted but getting time crunched by graduation and Senior Project, it didn’t turn out too bad.

Ancient ProjectsLink to this heading

These projects are archives of extremely old work, kept around for fun and nostalgia only. They are not representative of my present skills, but I like to keep them around. I may occasionally do maintenance on the web based projects to preserve them as browser technology evolves, for example eliminating the need for Flash from my National History Day project.